Narration in VoiceOver is not all about Audiobooks. 


Quite often i’ll be asked to narrate a documentary for TV or perhaps an audio guide for a museum.


An increasing number of TV programmes and channels are educating us in ways that would have been impossible just a decade ago. 4K pictures from the depths of the ocean to the rings of Saturn are quenching our ever increasing thirst for knowledge.

A narrator will be asked to voice over certian parts of the eposide. But making sure the tone of the voice artist fits very well to the production. We have to find the delicate balancing act between not sounding emotional, whilst at the same time, not sounding like a robot.


Other areas of narration would be everyday audiobooks.


As a voice actor a great deal of preperation is done before recording a audiobook. From reading the book 3-5 times. Asking questions to the author. The pronunciation checking of particular difficult words. 


Only then finally recoridng the book and editing. The 21st century audiobook narrator is also producer.


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