Voice Over Usage Explained

Most British voice artists will charge a BSF (Basic Session Fee) per hour and Usage on top. Over the pond, in the US its similar but different, they are usually presented as one fee.


Lets go into this further


Usage fees are often referred to as licensing fees or a buy-out fee and are paid to the performer to compensate them for the value they add to the project over a defined period of time.


The basic principle is that usage fees INCREASE when the amount of people who will hear the voice over or see the video also INCREASES. Bigger audience, bigger fees. If you’re using the completed voice over internally within your company as a training video, or for non-profit purposes, for instance – the usage fees will be low.


How did this all come about?


Two UK laws which define an artist rights for usage. The first being Copyright Law and the second being Permorfers Rights.

The Copyright, Patents and Designs Act 1988

Performers Rights


There is also a international agreement which selective counties have signed up to. WIPO International Beijing Treaty


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