Voice Of God

One of the areas of work I enjoy most of all as a voiceover artist is being a live Voice of God announcer.


At a live event or award ceremony, it’s common to have an announcer welcoming the guests, announcing the speakers onto the stage and giving information about award winners as they receive their awards.


This person is called the voice of God or live event announcer and they can either voice live at the event, or pre-record their announcements.

Live or Pre-recorded?


The Voice Of God can be recorded in advance and mixed with video content for announcements such as a list of nominees.


I have recorded a number of these for Corporate events and they lend a sense of occasion, add audio texture to the event (especially in my case if the live host is a man), provide a chance for the live host to gather their thoughts and contribute to the flow of the event.


Advantages of the Pre-recorded are that the event organiser has exactly what they need, including tricky name pronunciations, in the can and they can use it as they wish!


But the pre recorded voice of Gods lack the spark and reaction to the atmosphere that a Live Voice of Gid can provide.


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