Overseas Voice Talent

Overseas Voice Talent

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Hiring voice talent costs money and depending where the voice artist resides you will likely see a price drop or hike.

I recieve enquiries each day from cilents worldwide. For example a cilent in China looking for a british voice over may not want to spend £250 BSF per hour. As they may be able to find a british speaking voice artist that now lives in China and pay £100 per hour.

Being born british has its advantages however the United Kingdom and certainly London is one of the most expensive places to live. (Top 20 in September 2020). The cost of living, bills, tax, transport and voice over business costs means we charge around £200-300 BSF.

Now this doesnt mean british artists won’t negioate becuase we do and we do also think about the cilent local market.

So when your shopping around for voice talent think about what type of voice you want, what accent and what countries are you willing to buy from.

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