Why use a VoiceOver for my video?

Actors are storytellers. And we are good at it. A script instant just a script. There are unwritten choices with every script and we are good at making bold choices to bring your script to life. Take a look at our script writing guide.

What value does your voice bring to my video/work?

Your target audience will engage better with your product or service by selecting a voice for your project. It will enchance your message, it could strengthen your brand and keep your target audience watching and listening for longer.

Why do I have to pay for usage?

Please see my usage page, all will be explained

I’m not sure about a male voice can you put on a female voice?

No not really. But I would be happy to recommend another voice talent that would suit your needs.

Do I have to go via your agent or not?

This question always comes up and the answer would be different to each voice talent. You are welcome to come to me direct. Although depends on the complexity of the breif I may refer it to my agent to help with.

How much does a voiceover cost?

The cost of a VO will depend on the following factors: Length of script, Number of voices required, the application (Phone Prompts, TV commercial, Internal Corporate, Website Usage, IVR, Talking Book, Radio Commercial etc etc). The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact me with as much info as possible.

Are your rates negotiable?

Yes, within reason. I’m a fair-minded guy and welcome enquiries. Let’s see how we can work together. Please email me with details about your project, or use my contact form.

Can you demo a script for us?

Yes, I’m more than happy to do a few lines as a sample. However, longer demos will normally have key words changed as a watermark. Demo recordings are offered in good faith and are for private listening and voice casting purposes only.