ADR & Dubbing


ADR, Looping, Dubbing. What Are They?

ADR stands for Automatic Dialog Replacement.Dialog that cannot be salvaged from production tracks of a film or cartoon must be re-recorded in a process called LOOPING or ADR.
Typically ADR would happen on a UK television or film productions to replace dialog of a character. I also get asked to also voice background characters and fx sounds (like the sound of somone beening punched)
The technical term “looping” is where the actor is recording in real time watching the video playback on a loop. 
Dubbing is similar to ADR however its used to replace the language in a production.
For example an Italian film has been translated to English and has been dubbed by British English voice actors. Dubbing from a foreign film/tv series is more difficult as lip sync is alot more difficult and this process can be more time-consuming.
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